Our training programs are meeting IATA rules and requirements of customer airlines. The training programs are developed to support quality of provided handling services with the help of our experienced and certified trainers. Also, if needed, the foreign tutors can be invited to provide trainings according to our training programs.


List of Training Programs:

  • A – Security Training Program
  • B – Dangerous Goods Regulations Training Program
  • C – Airside Safety Training Program
  • D – Airside Driver Training Program
  • E – GSE Operations Training Program
  • F – Load Control Training Program
  • G – Passenger handling Training Program
  • H – Baggage Handling Training Program
  • I  – Aircraft Handling and Loading Regulations Training Program
  • J – Aircraft Doors Operation Training Program
  • K – Aircraft Ground Movement Training Program
  • L – Cargo and Mail Handling Training Program
  • M – Aircraft Turnaround Coordinator Training Program
  • N – Baggage Irregularity Training Program
  • O – Cleaning Procedures Training Program
  • P – Software/Equipment Rating Training Program
  • Q – De-/Anti Icing Training Program
  • R – Emergency Training Program
  • S – Potable Water Procedures Training Program
  • T – Live Animals Regulations Training Program
  • U – Reservation/Booking and Ticket Sale Systems Training Program


Training plans

Initial and recurrent training with periodic testing is mandatory for all personnel who perform duties within the scope of ground operations.

“Aeroport Handling” initial and recurrent training programs include evaluation of testing by written, oral or practical means for ground handling personnel in order to demonstrate adequate knowledge, competency and proficiency to perform duties, execute procedures and/or operate equipments.


Dear Friends,

on behalf of the “Aeroport  Handling” SRL and from me personally, let me greet and express the great respect for you and your company’s achievements in the field of aviation activity.

We sincerely wish to expand and consolidate the scope of our interaction.

Now we are glad to announce:

“Aeroport Handling”, ISAGO-member, already provides the trainings for personnel involved in aviation activity.