About company

Aeroport Handling company, founded on December 12, 2002, was established as a unified operator responsible for all ground handling services at Chisinau International Airport, being the unique facility of this kind in Moldova. Our prime objective company is to ensure international standards of passenger service facilities at the airport and to strengthen Chisinau Airport competitiveness.

Aeroport Handling is a Ground Handling company, founded to achieve high, qualitative and safe standards by offering a complete range of ground handling and passenger services, from terminal check-in to aircraft services. Consolidation of various ground facilities within one company substantially increases the efficiency of Air Terminal operations and hence the quality of services provided for airlines.

Aeroport Handling company offers a wide range of ground services at Chisinau Airport for airlines known all over the world.
For the first time in Moldova Aeroport Handling  company offers a full range of ground handling services for corporate companies (like charter and VIP flights).
Aeroport Handling makes the mutually beneficial cooperation with Chisinau International Airport – a reality for an airline. Our company skilled experts carefully consider every proposal submitted. Such interaction results in development of an individual commercial program for each airline. One of our prior objectives is  to protect the interests of airlines at Chisinau International Airport.
One of the kinds of activity of Aeroport Handling company is granting a complex of logistic services in the field of the organization of the international transportations of your cargo by an air transport – the fastest and reliable type of transport!
The geographical position of Moldova is the excellent transit knot connecting the West with the East through the CIS countries. Agency agreements with a number of airlines, like Air Moldova and others, allow us to offer our Clients a high level of services under the prices favourable to them, and also big opportunities to choose the final destination airport.

Aeroport Handling also provides sufficient technical facilities. We have up-to-date means of communication (multi-line telephone numbers, SITA, Internet, e-mail) that allow realizing modern logistic schemes including reservation and tracing of cargo and also a full complex of services on customs clearance of import, export and transit cargo. Our proper car park is used for delivery of cargoes up to the destination.

Aeroport Handling Employees have IATA/FIATA Diplomas, including those on transportation of dangerous goods by air.

We are pleased to offer our assistance in achievement of your purposes. Do not hesitate to contact us any time!