Quality and Safety Management

Aeroport Handling is determined on its endeavor to become the most reliable and preferred handling company for customers and partners on the segment of market that we activate. It is our policy to provide the highest level of ground operations safety and quality.

There is no compromise with the quality and safety-strict adherence to regulations, standards and published procedures of customer airlines, adequate personnel training and continual improvement of services are the foremost important criteria in every segment of our activity.

Internal Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is implemented within the company.  The QAP addresses activities aimed at ensuring compliance to all applicable requirements, standards and procedures in all areas of company’s activity as well as outsourced activities carried out on behalf of LLC “ Aeroport Handling”. The QAP includes scheduled audits and scheduled/unscheduled inspections continuously to monitor compliance with relevant regulations and standards, as well as to evaluate and continually improve operational performance..

Safety Management System is implemented in our company and integrated into the day to day activities of the organization.  ICAO and IATA certified safety specialist manages the system, identify the safety hazards the company must confront during delivery the services and bringing the safety risks or the consequences of these hazards under organizational control.  Safety and quality specialists encourage all staff for performing their duties in a safe and healthy working environment.