For the first time in Moldova Aeroport Handling offers a full range of ground handling services for VIP, corporate and charter flights. Once a corporate aircraft lands, Aeroport Handling support does not stop. The routine of each inbound and outbound charter flight personal escorting has been put in place by Aeroport Handling charter managers.

The managers ensure an aircraft proper handling at the airport and provide qualified services:

  • Supervision and administration
  • Ramp handling
  • Catering, refueling order
  • Arrangement of meteorological folders and aeronautical information bulletins
  • Concordance and confirmation of flight plans with ATC
  • Liaise with local authorities
  • Crew handling
  • Passenger and crew hotel accommodation
  • Passenger and crew transportation
  • VIP Lounge arrangement
  • Security  arrange if required

Our personnel are experienced, well trained and skilled, in accordance with international standards providing personal service to our customers to the highest level.