Our training programs are meeting IATA rules and requirements of customer airlines. The training programs are developed to support quality of provided handling services with the help of our trainers, who are both subject specialists and experienced practitioners. Also, if needed, the foreign tutors can be invited just to provide trainings according to our training programs.

List of Training Programs:

  • A - Security Training Program
  • B - Dangerous Goods Program
  • C - Airside Safety Training Program
  • D - Airside Driver Program 
  • E - GSE Operations Program - 
  • F - Load Control Program
  • G - Passenger Handling Program
  • H - Baggage Handling Program
  • I -  Aircraft Handling and Loading Regulations Program
  • J - Aircraft Doors Operation Training Program
  • K - Aircraft Ground Movement Training Program
  • L - Cargo and Mail Handling Training Program
  • M - Aircraft Turn Around Coordinator Training
  • N - Baggage Irregularity Training Program
  • O - Cleaning Crew Training Program
  • P - Software / Equipment Rating Program 
  • R - Emergency Training Program