Availability of own class allows to make pre-planning of trainings for the year ahead. Exact as the minimum recurrent period is defined for functional trainings. Positions which need Dangerous Goods training perform it once in 2 years. 

Regular training sessions are held for different categories of staff in accordance with the approved corporative programs, covering all aspects of handling activities. 

After passage of the various stages of evaluation to perform their functional duties are allowed only the best candidates. That is the training policy of our company.

At the same time, great attention is given to the preparation of new employees and additional training of experienced personnel. 

Initial trainings are planning according to the requirements of CAA of Republic of Moldova.

Additional trainings are also planning in order to update and improve skills of personnel according to international standards and customer airlines rules.

Forward training planning helps to distribute resources, especially with regard to the selection of internal trainers or invitation of foreign tutors.

Trainings by third parties such as training centers of international organizations or customer airlines) are also included in training plans.

Later will be attached training plan 2013.